I need recipes!

For good, filling vegetarian food that I can make in large quantities and then chuck in the fridge for a few days. I'm good at following recipes, and I don't mind spending some time cooking, but I'm not particularly skilled or experienced. I also can't eat nuts of any kind. (It's not necessary, but there's special extra bonus points for any recipe that's gluten free so my mama can eat it, or anything that can be made part-meat, part-vegetarian so I can share it with my dad/brother.) I'm not a big fan of salads, but I love vegetables of all kinds. I like chili and curries and am happy to try pretty much anything.


A list of collective nouns for supernatural beings:


A tizzy of fairies! A pension of aliens! A tackle of basilisks! Check this shit out!

I want it as a poster SO MUCH, but this has been a week of terrible financial decision making, and I will not reward that by spending $16 on a superfluous poster. Hannukah will come.

And now, Viking poetry.

This bit comes to you from Havamal.

In woman's words shall no man trust.
Nor what a wife may say,
For their hearts were formed on a whirling wheel
And fickleness fixed in their breasts.

A creaking bow, a flaming fire
A snarling wolf, a raucous crow,
A squealing pig, a rootless tree
A surging breaker, a bubbling pot,
A flying javelin, a tumbling wave,
Overnight ice, a coiled snake,
A woman's pillow-talk or a shattered sword,
A bear's playfulness or a king's son,

A sick calf, a slave's self-reliance,
A fortuneeller's cheering words, new-killed dead,
A field sown early let no man trust,
Nor too young a son.
(Weather shapes the crops, good sense the son;
Both are uncertain).

You brother's killer if you meet him in the street,
A half-burnt house, a horse too frisky,
--the beast is useless if it breaks a leg--
No man so secure as to trust all these.

Loving a woman whose hewart is false
Is like driving an unshod horse over slippery ice,
A mettled two-year-old, not fully broken;
Or like handling a rudderless ship in a fierce gale,
Or like a cripple catching reindeer on the thawing fells.

Yet now I'll speak plain, I know both sides.
Men's minds are treacherous to women.
The falser our thoughts, the fairer our speech;
That deceives the wisest hearts.

Sweet talk and gifts offered
Will win a wench's favor.
Praise the lovely creature's looks.
To win you must woo.

Another man's love
You must never mock;
What the fool escapes may strike the wise--
Beauty that fires desire.

Never mock another man
For what is common to all.
Men of sense it turns into idiots.
Love mighty over all.

Don't say, "It's been a good day" till sundown.
Don't say, "She's a good wife" till she's buried.
Don't say, "It's a good sword" till you've tested it.
Don't say, "She's a good girl" till she's married off.
Don't say, "The ice is safe" till you've crossed it.
Don't say, "The beer is good" till you've drunk the last of it.

It amuses me

when people see me after drinking coffee and assume that I'm just hyped up on caffeine. No dudes, I really am this silly (and this vocal about it!). I'm just usually too tired to spend the energy doing the Charleston in the hallway.

Learning things.

Or rather, understanding concepts that I knew were there, but never ever could grasp.

It feels like standing on one foot. And then jumping up and down. And then spinning in a circle while jumping up and down on one foot. And then pinwheeling one arm around while keeping the other one stiff. While jumping up and down and spinning on one foot.

That's how it feels. Dizzy and joyful and wind and joy.

I know this because I suddenly understood things, and kept reading, and then understood more, and I ran out of the reading room and into the library bathroom and started jumping and spinning and falling over myself dizzy. Because that was the only way I could contain myself, and the only way I could explain to myself how it felt.

If you have never tried standing on one foot and jumping up and down and spinning in a circle and pinwheeling only one arm, I suggest you do so now.

I am a mad, mad person.

Operation Red Hat is underway.

Send nominations for awesome people who are having a hard time and, in your opinion, deserve a red hat to red.hat.ops@gmail.com

I'll send the hats as I get the money to do so. You don't have to donate in order to nominate, but I can't get off the ground if people don't help me out. So: donate by clicking on the button.

My guesstimate is that it'll be about six or seven dollars to make and ship a hat within the US, and more than that for somewhere overseas. If you donate/nominate, you'll get a picture of the hat and the mailing receipt. I'll include a request in the package for people to email me pictures of them in the hat, and if they comply, you'll get a copy of that too. People who donate $25 or more get a green hat and earn the title of Mad Hatter.

If you'd like to help by knitting/crocheting/otherwise constructing hats, drop me a line and we'll figure something out.

(Elena and Rachel have met me; Kali, Eowyn, Siobhan, and Julia have been on the receiving end of my hats/other assorted crochet projects.)

(no subject)

I fucking hate it when people mock other religions on their Facebook statuses. It's so stupid--LOL OMG JESUS IS A ZOMBIE AND WE'RE CANNIBAAAALS! It's not like it's even original. It doesn't make you look cool or funny or ironic. It makes you look like an idiotic asshole who's sniffing ass for approval.

People really, really care about religion. Not everybody does, but lots of people do. And it's no skin off your nose to leave them the fuck alone. I get being irritated or hurt by the practices of some religious people, but that's no excuse to be an asshole to everyone who cares about their faith.

Show a little respect. And grow the fuck up.